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With over 25 years serving & working in the Foodservice Restaurant Equipment Business. Soda-Dispensers was developed in helping customers find products for the beverage industry to retail businesses and home customers who have not had access to products before. Most soda companies will not deal with you unless you are a business with high volume, making if difficult for smaller businesses or home owners to find and purchase their products. Working and selling commercial Restaurant Equipment for all these years we recognized how hard it was to find these products be able to purchase small items or repair parts. We also noticed that with all the different styles and types of products available, it was very confusing in which products customers should purchase, So we decided to develop our Soda-Dispensers company to make beverage equipment and parts available to the average customer. We also have tried to narrow down some of the variety of products, to the most common items, making it easier for the average consumer's purchasing decisions.

Please contact us if you do not see the products you are looking for. With the large scale of these commercial items and repair parts available, updates and new products, not all items can be provided on our website. We will continue to add new products as we can, however with thousands of parts, styles and brand names available, it is virtually impossible to list all the products available in this large commercial industry.

We stock & represent over 30 manufactures with over 10,000 items.

To keep prices at their lowest and with all the different types & styles of products available. Not all items can be kept in stock at all times.

Some items may need to be ordered from the manufactures warehouses & may require 3-5 days lead time before shipment.

Most manufactures also require a minimum order and will charge surcharges. We try to order items without any extra charges, however this may result in some time delays before your shipment of orders can be processed. We will continue to build our inventory and will strive to provide our customers with the best prices available.


Always check on product availability before placing orders.


Even these large manufactures do not stock all their equipment available and may produce products as the orders are received.

Most shopping carts programs do not allow for non-stock items to be shown and available for viewing. So we have to show the items as In-Stock items, if not shown as a stocked item the product would not be available and shown on the website. So, always check on product availability before placing orders.


Please contact us by E-mail at to check stock status before ordering items to be shipped by UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd-Day Air or UPS 3-Day Select.

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